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QSR Kiosk Services


My Title

President | Cofounder | Lead Designer


Frank Yoder (CEO)

Brandon Mason (CTO)

Bernard Espanola (Lead Engineer)

Product Type

Interactive Kiosk Software


Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) 


1.5 Years


Lumenday was started as a collaboration between several members of a Phoenix-based dev shop (Torchlight Software) and members of Zivelo, a kiosk hardware manufacturing company.  The partnership was formed to try and better serve companies getting into the Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) industry. Lumenday built the software and Zivelo supplied the hardware in order to provide a turnkey solution.  The Lumenday team also worked as a QA and customer service arm for the Zivelo OS product, OakOS. 

My Role

In 2018 I founded Lumenday with the partners mentioned above.  I functioned as the company president. My duties included business operations, company formation, hiring, billing, meeting potential clients, strategic planning, partnership agreements, writing contracts and SOWs, designing kiosk UI/UX, software programming, POS integration, attending trade shows, brokering deals and anything else Lumenday needed. In early 2020 I sold my stake in the company to the remaining partners and resigned as president.  


Lumenday found a lot of success in working with partners trying to break into the QSR space.  Our niche was building prototypes for a variety of companies that needed kiosk solutions but didn't have their own in-house software team.  In working with Zivelo (which was bought out by Verifone) we were a part of over a half dozen software builds.  Some were used for trade shows and demos, others were fully fledged QSR products that are still in production.  These products included all UI/UX design and development, hardware integrations like barcode scanning and payment processing, and integration with restaurant POS systems. 

Famous Dave's QSR Kiosks

Lumenday was contract by Famous Dave's to build and launch two test kiosk at locations near their headquarters near Minneapolis.  Based on the success rate of these beta devices, they planned to roll out kiosks to their other 100+ locations.  I helped broker the deal for Lumenday, develop the UX (the UI was completed in house), write the software and integrate their POS system.  In the spring of 2019 we successfully launched the kiosks and they are still in production. 

Dip Dip Dip Ice Cream QSR Kiosk

Lumenday was hired by Ramen Tatsu-Ya to build out a QSR solution for a new experimental Ice Cream shop in Austin, TX called DipDipDip. The design assets were built in house, but everything else (software, POS integration, payment processor, UX, hardware installation, etc) was completed by us.  I worked with their Designers to help optimize the experience and create better user flows.  I also built the software that runs the experience on the Intuiface platform (an IDE specializing in kiosk software).  

Baja Fresh Menu Boards

Lumenday was hired by Zivelo to create a series of menu boards for Baja Fresh.  I recreated the Baja Fresh menu boards from scratch in Figma and also designed some rotating ads that would play on one of the monitors.  These screens were used during the Zivelo sales pitch and as a demo system for other potential menu board clients.

Capgemini Showcase Kiosk

Lumenday was contracted to build a kiosk experience for Capgemini to use during an AWS event to showcase their products and services.  Using their internal style guide I designed and programmed an interactive kiosk experience that played a series of videos for visitors.  

AT&T Patient Checkin Kiosk

The AT&T healthcare kiosk project was a collaboration between several companies that were contracted by AT&T to prepare a prototype of what an autonomous patient checkin experience could look like.  Zivelo provided the hardware, Lifemed ID provided the APIs and Lumenday provided the frontend software.  This was a challenging task due to the variety of hardware integrations (e.g. barcode scanner, camera, payment processor, etc.) that were needed for the experience.  I work with my team to develop the UX and integrations and install it on a Zivelo system.  The completed result was a successful showcase of the kiosk at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in 2019.  

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