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Hey! I'm Kent, a product designer out of Arizona.

I specialize in creating practical design solutions for real business problems.

Lead Designer

Each year in the United States millions of non-permanent residents need document renewals, citizenship applications or are eligible for DACA. However, a majority of them face uphill battles accessing the documents in their native language. MBL set out to bridge the language & financial gap these residents face when trying to complete the necessary documents.  read more

Control Distributors

Lead Designer

As Covid-19 swept across the country, it became nearly impossible to provide in-person services for high risk facilities such as power plants, mines, and damns.  a dealer for these facilities Control Distributors along with L&L software created a customer-facing mobile app solution for troubleshooting problems without the need for being onsite. (coming soon)


Lead Designer | Co-Founder

Product Mana is an ongoing collaboration among several entrepreneurs, developers, designers and product managers to build a portfolio builder that can be used by product managers to showcase their work.  The goal is to build a no-code tool that allows individuals of any technical background to put up a professional portfolio without needing to code. (coming soon)

Look Awhile

Lead Designer | Branding

Are you looking for that bar with the perfect vibe?  Or an underground coffee shop that is quiet and perfect for studying?  With Look Awhile any vibe you want is a click away.  Browse local shops, restaurants and bars just like Instragram and see what's happening around you right now. (coming soon)

President | Cofounder | Lead Designer

Lumenday was founded in 2018 as a kiosk software provider specializing in the QSR industry.  In partnership with Verifone, Lumenday built prototypes and full-fledged applications for a variety of well known commercial customers such as AT&T, Famous Dave's, Capgemini, Baja Fresh, Zivelo, Curaleaf and many others. read more

Lead Designer

Mindmint is a mobile application for field experts to build and run events like the pros.  It's a robust application that includes all the tools an event manager would need, such as an event creation wizard, attendee dash, payment collection, to-do checklists and a calendar to stay organized leading up to the event. 

Lead Designer

Mastermind is the reinvented product from the Mindmint Team.  DG Enterprises teamed up with famed self help guru Tony Robbins to bring an updated event management and funnel builder product to the market.  At launch, Mastermind grossed over $30 million.  read more

Hubitat Mobile App

Lead Designer

The worlds first home automation system that is fully customizable but is also 100% private.  Unlike other cloud services, Hubitat provides a local hub for customers that are data conscious. I was hired to help strategize and design a mobile version of the desktop interface to help their customers manage their home devices on the go. (coming soon)

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